In the chaos of today’s political arena, Interfaith Alliance of Iowa is a balancing voice of fairness and civility. We are the only statewide, non-partisan, progressive voice for people of faith and no faith protecting religious freedom, ensuring religion is not misused to discriminate, championing individual rights, and uniting diverse voices to challenge extremism.


Religion and government have become increasingly entangled. Moreover, one strident voice often takes precedence above all others, often misusing religion for their own political gain and to justify discrimination. For the last 20-plus years, we have safeguarded the line between religion and government and provided balance to Iowa’s strident, ultra-conservative voices. Interfaith Alliance of Iowa challenges extremism by:

  • leading the progressive voices of Iowans, representing people of faith and no faith to protect religious freedom, challenge religious extremism, ensure individual rights, and promote civility.
  • consistently balancing out Iowa’s religious right, as demonstrated through public commentary, guest columns in Iowa’s largest news outlets, and effective communications to our supporters.
  • effectively advocating at the state capitol during the legislative session for more than a decade, ensuring the progressive voice has a full-time presence on key issues important to Iowans.
  • building relationships and strengthening the progressive voice in Iowa through collaboration. Interfaith Alliance of Iowa is a respected partner in the progressive community of Iowa as we engage and work with allies to achieve common goals.

——— LEAD ———

We choose to lead on the issues through collaboration with our supporters and with our many partner organizations. Simply stated, it is important we educate Iowans on the issues and even more important that each person uses their voice to make a difference. It’s also imperative the progressive community work together to promote values of fairness and inclusivity as well as to build relationships with likely and unlikely partners on the issues about which we care in today’s world. Interfaith Alliance of Iowa is proud to lead through collaboration with folks from across the spectrum of daily life including the faith, civil rights, education, labor, business, and legal communities.

Protecting Religious Freedom

Interfaith Alliance of Iowa uses the power of our collective voice to educate about and promote public policy that protects the critical boundary between religion and government so politics don’t infringe on your beliefs and matters of faith do not infringe on your freedoms.

Candidates and Religion

Interfaith Alliance of Iowa helps religious leaders and politicians navigate the treacherous waters between religion and politics to safeguard the sanctity of religion and the integrity of government.

Strengthening Individual Rights

Interfaith Alliance of Iowa continues the historically strong tradition of leadership from the progressive faith community in fighting for the civil rights of all people.

Civil Dialogue

There is much division in our nation and this has manifested itself in a lack of civility in politics and in our common life. We educate and advocate on many issues, but always leading and modeling through a lens of civility.

  • CROSSROADS & INTERSECTIONS LUNCHEONS: Crossroads in Des Moines and Intersections in Cedar Rapids are monthly luncheons designed to promote civil dialogue. Guest speakers discuss political or religious topics, often ones at the intersection of both.
  • SHOW SOME RESPECT: The Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines, Character Counts in Iowa, Greater Des Moines Partnership, Drake University, and Interfaith Alliance of Iowa have joined together for this collaborative, civility project hosting speakers and providing support to community efforts on civility.

——— EMPOWER ———

Legislative Advocacy

Interfaith Alliance of Iowa Action Fund is at the statehouse throughout the legislative session working on key issues where the influence of religious extremism threatens our democracy and good public policy.

Our legislative advocacy includes protecting religious freedom and the separation of religion and government, blocking attempts to insert religion into public policy, strengthening the civil rights of all Iowans, ensuring a strong public education system for Iowa’s children, enhancing research-based bullying prevention policies, protecting voting rights, advancing gun safety, defending women’s reproductive rights, and guaranteeing Iowa’s courts remain free from the influence of money and politics.

Empowering Iowans & Building the Network

Whether it is through the buzz created on Facebook, our weekly Mosaic e-newsletter and seasonal Legislative Updates via our email network, or broadening our reach in communities across Iowa, Interfaith Alliance of Iowa provides the avenues and tools for Iowans to make a difference with lawmakers and in their communities.

Moral Mondays IOWA

Interfaith Alliance of Iowa co-leads Moral Mondays IOWA, a collaborative project designed to highlight the progress at work in the Iowa legislature. A coalition of more than 20 progressive Iowa organizations inspired by the actions pioneered in North Carolina, Moral Mondays IOWA proactively supports the moral good sought through policies that span a range of progressive issues for the advancement of Iowa values like equality, fairness, and justice.