A Special Call for Support

We’re all in this together.

For the last 24 years, the Interfaith Alliance of Iowa has done extraordinary things working with and standing alongside everyday Iowans as a leader for civil rights and challenging extremism. Whether protecting religious freedom, championing the civil rights of Iowans, challenging extremism, or empowering you to use your voice, this work remains as important as ever.

It is with sadness that we have made the decision to postpone our Annual Award Dinner until the fall due to the novel coronavirus.

The ability for us to accomplish the work of Interfaith Alliance of Iowa relies extensively on the success of the Award Dinner and its timing in our cycle of giving. Not having the dinner as planned in the spring creates a huge hole in our resources and our ability to do our work.

These are uncertain times with many demands on our collective and individual resources. We respectfully and hopefully ask you to make a donation now to carry us through these times.

Three ways to support the ongoing and crucial work of the Interfaith Alliance of Iowa right now:

  • An Award Dinner sponsorship.
    We will keep track of it and contact you later in the summer about details for your table or sponsorship.

    SPONSORING TABLE HOSTS  (table of eight)
    __  BENEFACTOR TABLE  |  $5000
    __  CHAMPION TABLE  |  $2500
    __  PROTECTOR TABLE  |  $1500
    __  PATRON TABLE  |  $800

    SPONSORING HOSTS  (reservations for two)
    __  GUARDIAN  |  $250

    __  INDICATE NUMBER  |  $100
  • A fall donation, early.
    If you also usually make a gift in the fall, do that now and make your Award Dinner sponsorship in the fall (flipping the timing of the two).

Thank you for your commitment to Interfaith Alliance of Iowa.