A Vision for the Future


It all begins with our mission.

Interfaith Alliance of Iowa celebrates religious freedom by championing the rights of individuals, by promoting policies that protect both religion and democracy, and by empowering diverse voices to challenge extremism.

The Board of Directors launched an endowment campaign to realize our Vision for the Future. The goal is to raise $750,000 in endowment gifts and pledges while maintaining or growing donations to the annual fund.

The initial goal for the endowment was to grow the funds to reach a level of greater benefit to the organization. As such, distributions from the funds for program or organizational growth will not occur until three (3) years have passed since the first gift was received or until the total fund reaches $750,000, whichever is first.

Use of income generated from the Endowment Funds will always relate directly to the mission of the organization and will address at least one of two priority areas: 1) program development or 2) organizational growth. Priorities and use of the Endowment Funds will be reviewed each year by the Endowment Oversight Committee with a report provided to and approved by the board.

Whether it is our education efforts across the state, commentary in the media, or our advocacy at the Capitol, Interfaith Alliance of Iowa and our Action Fund meet the challenges head-on and accomplish the work necessary to protect religious freedom, challenge extremism, strengthen individual rights, and promote civility.

Your generous gift or pledge to the Endowment Campaign will strengthen Interfaith Alliance of Iowa in the future, ensuring the organization’s stability and ability to Challenge. Lead. Empower.

For more information, please contact Connie Ryan, 515.279.8715 or .