Faith & Democracy

Faith & Democracy: One on One Conversations with Candidates for US Senate

It is critical in a healthy democracy to have an engaged citizenry; one that is educated on the issues and candidates for public office. As such, we have invited the five Democratic candidates for the US Senate to participate in public conversation on the issues about which we care as an organization.

Join us on Facebook Live for one on one conversations covering a range of issues with each candidate.

US Senate Candidate One on One Conversations
Click on the images to view the video interview of each candidate.

Mike Franken | 5.05.20, 6:30 PM
Kimberly Graham | 4.29.20, 6:30 PM
Theresa Greenfield | 5.08.20, 5:30 PM
Eddie J. Mauro | 5.06.20, 5:30 PM

Cal Woods ended his campaign 5.04.20