Moral Mondays IOWA Mission:

To highlight the moral progress at work in the Iowa legislature by discussing legislation that spans a range of progressive issues working for the advancement of Iowa values like equality, fairness, and justice.

Moral Mondays IOWA is a collaborative project designed to highlight the progress at work in the Iowa legislature. A coalition of over 30 progressive Iowa organizations, MMI proactively supports the moral good sought through policies that span a range of progressive issues and works for the advancement of Iowa values like equality, fairness, and justice.


Each Monday of the Iowa Legislative Session
Due to COVID-19 and our desire to keep everyone safe, Moral Mondays IOWA will be going entirely virtual this year. We will host MMI each week on Zoom, using the same format of presentation and Q&A (you do have to register to participate on Zoom). We will also live stream the Zoom to the Moral Mondays IOWA Facebook page where folks can simply watch.

Topics for the 2021 Legislative Session:

April 19: Crime victims fighting for support
12:00-12:45 PM

Rep. Marti Anderson (Des Moines)
Luana Nelson-Brown, Executive Director, Iowa Coalition for Collective Change
Laura Hessburg, Public Policy Director, Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence

There’s a lot of talk at the Iowa State Capitol about supporting victims of violent crime, but it takes money and people to do that. Unfortunately, devastating cuts in funding to local programs providing services to victims of homicide, domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking mean that over the next two years more than 28,000 fewer crime victims in Iowa can access services. What does that mean? What do crime victim service providers do to fill the gaps? And, why is it especially important for state legislators to invest in crime victims right now?

Register here to attend via Zoom. Or, watch on the MMI Facebook page.

April 12: The making of a lawmaker in the most divided legislature, and a pandemic
April 5:
Who are the Winners and Losers in the state’s budget?
March 29:
Do the rights of citizens matter anymore?
March 22:
What is driving the divisive and extreme legislation in Iowa?
March 15: Addressing Mental Health Issues in Iowa
March 8:
The Good, the Bad, and the Dead
March 1:
Cutting Unemployment During a Pandemic
February 22:
Access to Quality, Affordable Child Care in Iowa
February 15:
Iowa: The State That Loves to Hate
February 8:
Attacking Access to Reproductive Freedom
February 1: Attacks on Public Education in Iowa
January 25: Redistricting: The Process and the Impact

List of sponsoring organizations:

AFSCME Iowa Council 61
American Association of University Women of Iowa (AAUW Iowa)
Americans for Democratic Action Iowa
Center for Social Ministry
Common Good Iowa
Des Moines Faith Committee for Peace
Family Planning Council of Iowa
Interfaith Alliance of Iowa Action Fund
Iowa Alliance for Responsible Ag
Iowa Alliance for Retired Americans
Iowa Citizen Action Network
Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement
Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault
Iowa Conference United Church of Christ
Iowa Conference of The United Methodist Church Legislative Advocacy Team
Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO
Iowa Organization for Victim Assistance
Iowa Safe Schools
Iowa State Education Association
Iowa Unitarian Universalist Witness/Advocacy Network
Iowans for Gun Safety
League of Women Voters of Iowa
Methodist Federation for Social Action
National Association of Social Workers, Iowa Chapter
One Iowa Action
Planned Parenthood Advocates of Iowa
Plymouth UCC Peace Committee (Des Moines)
Progress Iowa
Soaring Hearts Foundation
South Central Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO
Walnut Hills United Methodist Church Social Justice Committee
Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom, Des Moines Branch

Please note: The listing of an organizational name does not infer support or opposition to any particular issue or bill but is simply an indicator of the organization’s support of the broader mission of the Moral Mondays IOWA coalition.


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